“Belle Vie” means beautiful life in French, and that’s the inspiration behind this company; creating a beautiful space for our clients. The transition from working alongside designer’s and starting your own company is never easy, but with the knowledge and passion behind our company we are ready to start bringing them into light. We are a full-service interior design firm and will assist in fully transforming your space with selecting products such as cabinetry, countertops, flooring, fixtures and finishes. From pre-construction planning to finishing installation, our team will bring your design ideas to life. Our motto is “Some people try to find a beautiful place, while others make a place beautiful” and that’s exactly what we do for our clients.

xo, Kim

Personal note from the owner.
"Some people try to find a beautiful place,
others make a place beautiful!"

Let's Make Your Home Beautiful!

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Belle Vie Designs works with both residential and interior design clients in the Greater Tampa Bay Area. Owner and Principal Interior Designer Kim Perez provides services and works with an experienced team of designers and installers included for support and offers turnkey interior design services. Call Belle Vie Designs when you want to update your existing home or are purchasing a new home and need guidance in furnishing or decorating. If you are thinking of renovating or giving your business a refresh Belle Vie Designs offers full service interior design and decoration including product selection and purchasing.

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Top Tools For Your Business

Belle Vie Designs will be providing you with resources and trending tips on how to maintain your home. We will offer tips and tricks on how to keep up with the finishes, appliances, and fixtures. Care and maintenance is key to ensuring that you are protecting your investments...YOUR HOME!

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"A house is made of walls and beams;
a home is built with love and dreams."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Do You Find Yourself...

You’ve been visualizing your dream home for years, following your favorite interior designers, and maybe even creating inspirational Pinterest boards. You feel like you can’t wait any longer — you’re finally ready to hire an interior designer and break ground on your project!

But wait… are you really ready?

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Jessica from JL Media

"I was looking for a way to add accent walls throughout my home.  Kim assisted me with a step-by-step guide and drawings on how to achieve various looks. With her efforts and expertise the walls throughout my home were not only transformed but turned into one of a kind masterpieces."


"I am a Real Estate Agent and Ms. Perez helped one of my clients to decorate his new home. My client was very impressed with her knowledge and responsibility. I highly recommend Kim!"


Alexandra from Exit Bayshore Realty